Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is often used to treat bipolar disorder. Talk therapy can help you set goals and manage symptoms. It can involve just you and your therapist, or it may include your family.

Talk therapy as part of your treatment plan

the role of talk therapy in mental illness treatment

Talk therapy, also known as “psychotherapy” or just “therapy,” is often used in combination with medication to treat the symptoms of bipolar depression and mania. Just as the name implies, talk therapy involves working with your health care professional and actually talking about your condition and other issues that concern your life and your diagnosis. Talk therapy may help you

  • Learn more about your condition and what you can do to prevent a relapse
  • Identify triggers that may lead to an episode of bipolar mania or bipolar depression
  • Develop coping skills to manage your bipolar disorder symptoms
  • Set realistic goals to help you in the weeks and months ahead

You and your health care professional may participate in a therapy session alone, or a family member or friend may also be included. Talking openly and honestly about how you are feeling may make it easier for you to stay on your treatment plan.