Welcome to Facing Bipolar! This is a VERY important page and I hope you’ll stop and read it right now.

Bipolar disorder is extremely dangerous.

In many ways, it’s dangerous because we expect mood changes in people and we don’t know how to measure when those swings are reaching the point where damage can happen.

Bipolar disorder is when the highs and lows in your mood are MORE than average. More intense. Longer.

My dream is that somehow this site will be the one that turns up in a frantic 2AM search, when you don’t know who to talk to and you’re feeling so distant from your normal self that you can’t predict what’s next.

That’s not the time to read WebMD or the hundreds of deeply clinical sites that don’t meet you where you are.

My name is Trent Green and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than 20 years ago.  I’ve been inpatient, outpatient, acute and well-managed – sometimes all within the same year.

I know the rollercoaster ride of mania and depression.

Facing Bipolar is my small corner of the world to reach out to those who suffer from bipolar disorder (or the friends and family members that offer support when it’s needed). If you, or a loved one, know the struggle like I do, this site is for you.

There are lots of resource websites around that are run by treatment professionals and the government. But can they be relied upon to show the full picture?

My goal is to share experiences, encouragement and solid recommendations that help to minimize the disruption that bipolar disorder causes for us, and the people around us.

Your comments or questions are, of course, welcome.